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Farro (Emmer), Ethiopian Blue Tinged - Organic

Farro (Emmer), Ethiopian Blue Tinged - Organic

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Ethiopian Blue Tinge Emmer has a beautiful bluish hue to the berries which create a lovely chocolaty colored crust and crumb and wonderful flavor when baked into a loaf of bread. The flour has been described as having a tea like aroma.

The grain is high in protein at about 15-16% but, like Einkorn, they are not the gluten forming proteins that make for a high rising 100% stand alone bread flour. It works well and imparts its own excellent flavor as a significant percentage of the total flour used. Using 30% Ethiopian Blue Tinge Emmer will have excellent results.  Play around with as high as 50% and get creative making amazing unique breads.

As a relative of durum, Blue Tinged Emmer is also superb for making pasta.

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