Special Orders

Our family will be delighted to help you with special orders.  Please call upon us.

We are continually at work refining Legacy Food & Feed offerings to those most requested by our customers.  The buying decisions between organic and non-organic, for instance, are important ones as families consider how to best steward their resources in manners consistent with their values.  We do likewise as a family and truly appreciate that basis for synergy between our business and walking alongside you as consumers ourselves.

LFF is wholeheartedly committed to "Non-GMO" and "Value" (and "Sales" too) as fundamental drivers for inventory considerations.  In the spirit of "value", we are able to source some products quite effectively as "organic", other products seemingly well beyond what we would personally choose.  As one would expect, sales have generally followed likewise.

On the new website, you will find descriptors for each product, whether "in stock" or "special order", trusting that information will enable you to make prudent decisions for your family.  In 2018, the top three Legacy Food pricing trends for your understanding and consideration are listed below. 

Legacy Food Top Three Pricing Trends:

1)  Wheat.  There is a very large price difference between Organic and Non-Organic wheat.  The difference has remained steady for several years and is not expected to change in the short-term.  Few Legacy Food customers chose Organic in light of the difference.  LFF will continue to stock Wheat Montanta non-organic wheat, with organic available by special order.

2)  Oats.  Generally, the premium for organic oats is much less than other premiums for organic.  LFF will continue to stock both organic and non-organic rolled oats.

3)  Beans Many customers prefer to purchase organic beans.  While the pricing premium fluctuates a good bit, LFF will continue to stock only organic beans for 2019.

We are always thrilled to hear from you, whether on the phone (502-264-3259), or email (m.harrig@gmail.com), or personally when visiting. 

Thank you always for the blessing of your encouragement and support.