Important!!! Please Read... To our customers... this will give you some information as how we operate. We typically order every other month. We place a big order based on what the customers need. In order for you to be notified when that date is, you will need to sign up for the email on this website. If you pre-order, just be aware that the prices will change based on the day we place our big order. Based on the current situation with gas prices we have implemented a $5 per order charge if you meet us at the delivery locations. You do have the option of coming to our home and picking up the product as well. We are also adding a restocking fee of 10% for items not picked up at our delivery locations. If you cannot meet on that day email me to make arrangements.

KoMo Mills are here!!!

We are so excited to be a retailer for the KoMo Mills and accessories.

We will be carrying the following models...

XL, XL Plus, Classic, Magic, Fidibus 21, Duett 200, Duett 100, Fidiflocs and more.  Check back as we add and update the website with the Komo mills.  


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